Certified Angel Card Reader

About the Readings

The reading you choose should depend on the nature of your question and how involved the answer will be. I have given a brief description of each below, along with the prices. The results of your reading will be e-mailed to you and will consist of a detailed description and analysis of the reading, as well as a photo of your card spread. This option allows you to get your reading at your convenience without having to take time away from your busy schedule. Readings may also be scheduled by video call if you prefer, using Skype or Zoom (Zoom will allow you to record both audio and video and save the reading to your computer). Please e-mail me for availability and scheduling for this type of reading at

Mini Reading: 3-5 card spread giving information on the past, present and future circumstances (outcome) surrounding your question. These generally take 15-20 minutes per reading and are best suited to questions fairly simple in nature. $50.00 Request Reading

Standard Reading: 7-9 card spread also giving information on past, present and future circumstances (outcome) of your question, but in greater detail. These will usually take between 30-45 minutes and are better suited to questions that are more involved or have several different aspects to them. $75.00
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Please note, the number of cards listed per reading is an estimate, as it is sometimes necessary to draw additional cards for clarification. Also, cards that "jump" out of the deck while shuffling are meant to be a part of the reading in addition to those pulled from the deck. The number of cards per reading may vary, but will never be less than what is noted above. There is no additional charge for these extra cards.