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Your Angel GPS Weekly

May 14-20, 2017
May 14, 2017 By Kim

Looks like we have a great week ahead!  The full moon in Scorpio was a powerful energy for releasing the past and now is the time to start moving forward with new plans or projects. We're finally moving out of Mercury’s post-shadow so expect things to start moving quickly.

The overall message from the angels this week is to go for it!  The timing is right for you to start working towards your goals and dreams. You may feel that you're not quite ready yet, but take that leap of faith. Whatever you need, whether it be money, information or assistance, will come to you once you take that first step. Unexpected opportunities will open up and you'll be rewarded for the work you do.  

We have two Major Arcanas in this week's reading and both of them are telling you to go after your dreams!  The energy is right for things to come together for you now.  The new moon next week will be bringing new beginnings, so start taking those first steps now and watch as things start unfolding for you one step at a time. 

For a more detailed and personal reading on any subject or concern you may have,  contact me for your private reading.   You can also check out the Archangel Life Coaching I'm now offering.  There's something for everyone here!

Have a great week!


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