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Your Angel GPS Weekly

February 5-11, 2017
February 4, 2017 By Kim

We have three more Major Arcanas for this coming week!  The energy is still very high this week, with important events and decisions to be made.  Following through from last week’s reading, you’ll find things are still moving forward quickly and you may need to stop and make some adjustments along the way this week.

Starting off the week you’ll find you need to stand up for your beliefs and do what you know in your heart is right for you.  Don’t let others try to talk you into or out of anything that doesn’t feel right to you.  Any decisions you need to make should be considered carefully for the sake of all involved, so use your intuition make fair and just decisions.  This card could also indicate decisions being made in your favor!

The Magician is showing up again this week to remind you to keep going. Once your decisions have been made, be sure to act on them!  You have the ability to make things happen and manifest any resources you need, and you are ready to move forward.  You can feel confident knowing you’ve made the right decisions and doors are now opening for you.  Don’t hesitate, walk through them now!

As you move forward, you’ll find staying organized and making specific plans will help you to successfully continue on your path.  Paying attention to details will ensure things go smoothly for you and all involved.  Use your leadership skills to be sure that others involved are also staying on course and you’ll find your plans will move forward with ease.  Things are going well for you now, so stay with it and keep moving forward!

Things may seem to be moving quickly this week as we embark on the new beginnings and changes this year is bringing, so be sure to think things through, use your intuition and follow your “gut instinct”.  It will never steer you wrong!  Stay true to yourself and others will follow suit, ensuring a positive outcome for everyone involved.

For a more specific and personal reading on any subject or concern, be sure to check out the spreads I offer here and contact me for your personal reading.  Angel guidance is only a click away!

As always, have a great week!

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