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Your Angel GPS Weekly

November 6-12, 2016
November 5, 2016 By Kim

I love it when Major Arcanas appear in a weekly reading, it always means you can expect significant events to occur during the week.  This coming week is no exception, so be ready for some important events and occurrences!

Starting the week off, you’ll find balance and inspiration in spending time with like-minded people, whether you are a member of a spiritual organization or community or just spending time with friends who share your viewpoints.  This is a good time to share ideas and seek out advice or assistance from those who are on similar paths. Review any traditional views or ways of doing things and be sure they are the right way for you and all involved.  You may find limiting beliefs that have been blocking you!

The benefits of the time you spent with others at the beginning of the week will begin to show up by mid-week as you come up with new ideas and ways of doing things that lead to success for you.  Have confidence that you’re on the right track and listen to your intuition, as a happy outcome is inevitable when you act on your inspirations right now!  Don’t delay putting your ideas into action right now, as more ideas will come to you as you move forward.

By the end of the week you’ll find that some time alone will be of great benefit to you.  Spend time in nature, meditate, or even treating yourself to a nap will prove beneficial to your energy and focus.  You’ll also find answers and guidance as to the next steps to take when you quiet your mind and get some rest, so be sure to set aside some time for yourself this weekend.

Major Arcanas always indicate significant events, so expect to make some progress in whatever you are working on or planning right now.  The Suit of Air represents thoughts and intellect, so by then end of the week you’ll find spending time in quiet reflection and taking the time to think about your next steps will rejuvenate and recharge you as you get ready to move forward.

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Have a great week!

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