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Your Angel GPS Weekly

August 21-27, 2016
August 20, 2016 By Kim

Looks like you’ll be starting out the week with a bang!  Following through the energy of last week’s full moon in Aquarius, you will start seeing the changes come into your life as we enter a cycle of new beginnings. (Notice the full moon in the background of the Ace of Fire?)  Aces represent new beginnings and with this one falling at the beginning of the week, at the start of a new cycle, you can expect things to change quickly.  New opportunities will present themselves and now is the time to follow your dreams and change your life.  This is an exciting time, so go for it!

The Wheel symbolizes positive changes being made as you move ahead with whatever opportunity is presented to you.  You’re on the right path and good fortune is in store for you now.  Wheels symbolize movement, you are now on the road to success!

Things will continue moving along quickly at the end of the week with the Eight of Fire.  You’re on a roll now and you may find everything seems to be happening at once.  You may want to do all of it at once, but you do need to step back and make a plan first, then have fun with it!    

The Suit of Fire represents action and excitement, and the Major Arcana card between them reinforces the energy of these cards.  The wheel has been set in motion, and if you’ve been experiencing delays or pauses in activity, know that things are about to start rolling for you again.  It’s important to stay grounded right now, to avoid becoming overwhelmed.  Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the journey!

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Have a great week!

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