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Your Angel GPS Weekly

July 15-21, 2018
July 14, 2018 By Kim

With the energy of the recent New Moon and solar eclipse still flowing, I thought I’d work with the Angels of Abundance Oracle deck this week.

The first card has been a recurring message this past week, so it’s something the angels really want you to be aware of!  Pay attention to people who are coming into your life, or people who are becoming a stronger presence.  New partnerships and strengthening existing ones will help you move towards your goals and achieve your desires. Whether its business, social or romantic, the support you receive will give you what you need to continue moving forward.  This is also a message to take inventory and see if there are people in your life who are unsupportive or are holding you back.  Spending time with negative people will draw you away from your desires, so it may be time to distance yourself or even remove them from your life right now to allow room for healthy, supportive partnerships to form!

The transformational energy this week is allowing new beginnings, and obstacles and blocks are being lifted now.  You’ll soon start to see a shift taking place towards new and positive opportunities so keep a positive outlook and be on the lookout for opening doors.  Going back to the partnership card, know that new people who enter your life right now were sent to you for a reason, the timing is right and they are here to help you manifest your desires.  They can open those doors for you if you allow them to!

Our final card is a reminder to focus on your priorities.  With all of this energy flowing, where you put your main focus is where you’ll start seeing the most results, so make it count!  If you allow yourself to be distracted you’ll slow your progress, create unnecessary stress and could possibly even miss opportunities.  Be sure to devote time each day, even if it’s only 30 minutes (although the more you spend, the faster you’ll see results) to focus on yourself and your priorities and allow abundance and opportunities to start flowing into your life!

This week's outlook was drawn from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue , and is a general reading.  For a more personalized reading on any subject or concern you have, be sure to check out the services I offer here and contact me for your private reading or session.

Have a great week!


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