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"I thought the reading was amazing"
- Joann K.

"It was a wonderful reading. So full of many facets of my journey right now"
- B. M.

"Great reading and a very good analysis of the messages!"
- K. Allen

"You are a great reader...awesome job! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- J.B.

Your Angel GPS Blog

Spinning Wheels
August 3, 2014 By Kim

I've been trying to post my weekly outlook for this week as a blog post and for some reason it's just not cooperating. I've been trying all day and even have my webmas ...
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You Asked For A Sign!
August 3, 2014 By Kim

I've been asking the angels for a sign for the last couple of days and I hadn't seen one yet, so I asked again this morning. This was at the top of my news feed when I ...
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A Little Story
July 10, 2014 By Kim

I thought I'd share a fun little story with you...Every morning I draw a card for myself from the Messages deck to see what my personal message for the day is. For the la ...
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Set Your Gifts Free
July 9, 2014 By Kim

Everyone has psychic and spiritual abilities, you just have to allow them. Often we repress these abilities to avoid judgement by others, but these are gifts we can use t ...
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Plan As You Will
July 5, 2014 By Kim

Good morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. Today's card is the Five of Air, which deals with things not going quite as you planned. This card remind ...
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