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September 23, 2017 By Kim

I look forward to saying that every year. It never gets old for me. It's Fall!  Fall is absolutely my favorite season, there’s just something about it. Many people see it as an ending. The end of summer and the long summer days and vacations. I see Autumn as a beginning. Seeds that were planted in the spring are now mature plants ready for harvest. Fall is a time of abundance and celebration. Change is in the air now. You can feel it coming! 

 Now is the time to release the past and anything that no longer serves a purpose, just as the trees release their leaves after the growing season.  Let it go and let the Universe take over now, whatever goals and dreams you’ve had throughout the year are now ready to manifest. This is a transitional period as we move towards the conclusion of the year, and it’s transitional in our lives too. This a great time to reflect back on the year, noting all the good that has come your way and give thanks. Think about the progress you’ve made and all that is yet to come. Just as the weather changes this time of year, think about any changes you’d like to make in yourself, your dreams, your goals.  

Fall is also about balance. The days and nights balance out now as we make our way towards the shorter days of winter. In the same way, we’re encouraged to balance our lives. Longer days tend to make us put in longer hours at work, doing chores, whatever we're involved in we keep going, going, going. Now we're more inclined to work shorter hours, put in less time with chores and tasks and take more time in the evenings to relax and nurture ourselves. Who doesn’t love a nice cool autumn evening to curl up with a blanket, a mug of hot cider and a good book? It’s time to take care of yourself, now, too.

If you have trouble embracing the season and the changes it brings, ask the angels to help you see the beauty in it and enjoy this time to take stock, release the past and prepare yourself for your future.  Seasons come and go quickly, so take the time to enjoy each one to the fullest!


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